Growing Up

LLP: Growing up with strict parents may leave you feeling trapped, but this author lends some words of advice on what he’s come to realize and appreciate of his parents’ tough love.

Alright, so one of the biggest challenges I have had in my life, and still struggle with sometimes, is having parents that are way too strict on me. My mom is a teacher and my dad didn’t really have a father figure when he grew up so he doesn’t have much to look up to. Dad does his best and I know my mom loves me very much, but all the time it is like they won’t let me do near as much as I should be able to do.

I am 17 now and sometimes I am lucky to get out of the house with some friends and stay out until 11 before my mom or dad make me come home. I look around and see that 80 percent of the kids my age are out and about a whole lot more than me, and it makes me mad that my parents aren’t understanding enough to let me do that too.

However, I know that they love me and I will probably know what they feel like when I am a father. I know I am not the only kid out there that has overly strict parents, so if you’re reading this please listen.

You will only have this family time while you are in high school. Once you go off to college, get a job, and start your own family everything will be different. I know you want to run around and do whatever you want, but from our parents’ eyes they think that you want to get away from them. I know that hurts them to think that and why would we ever want to hurt the people that raised us to the great men/women we are today and will be.

So if you’re going through this right now, I know you want to get out and be free on your own just like me. Just remember that your parents care for you more than the parents who let their kids stay out all night to party, hang out, or do whatever. If you have parents that care for you as much as my parents care for me, that is a blessing that you should never want to go away.


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