January 3 / Family

Photo Credit: Marek Kwiatkowski

Just over three years ago I remember writing in my nerdy equivalent of a journal (cloud-based, iOS-optimized notepad) about my mom’s battle with cancer. It was the first serious illness in my immediate family I was old enough to comprehend, and felt compelled to document my thoughts and emotions.

My mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer a couple months prior, and at the time of my writing, was well in to her radiation treatment regime. It was a crazy time. I just remember how the radiation had made her unimaginably weak. My ice hockey-playing, dragon boat-racing, four boy-raising mother was changing physically.

It wasn’t until I was sitting with her one night, at the side of her bed giving her a hand massage, that I realized just how real of an impact the treatments were having on her. Read the Post Dear cancer patient supporter,

January 1 / Family

Photo Credit: erin leigh mcconnell

My parents first noticed I had hearing loss when I was four
Because I didn’t respond to my name sometimes
And when I spoke, my L’s sounded like N’s
And my R’s and S’s didn’t come out properly.

I don’t remember getting my first hearing aids
But I didn’t like them
No one else had to wear them
And they would squeal loudly all the time or the batteries would die

Read the Post To kids with hearing loss: