Letter on Bullying in High School

Dear struggling teen,

LLP: This letter shares some supportive words on overcoming bullying in high school and how to think toward the future and overlook one’s current situation. 

I know it is hard to get up and look at the future, but that’s what needs to be done sometimes.

Looking back at those hard times as a teen in high school, or even middle school, can be a struggle, but yet again, it can also make you stronger. Do you recall bullying or picking on someone else for being different? How about, in a twist, you being bullied or picked on by your classmates for something you did that was different? How did that make you feel? I’m sure not great. Just think about how that other kid felt then if you did not like it.

Sometimes when you grow up things will not go as planned, but you need to focus on just you and overcoming your differences. I know it is better said than done.

I have been in your position; I have been bullied but also been the bully, and looking back I wish I could take back some of the things I said and did to others. Sometimes just taking a job that expects more from you as a person will help you see how you were, and how you can improve as a person. Once I graduated from high school, I realized that there is so much more to life than what outfit to wear or, for girls, how your make up is done, and who you talk to. Those people whom you are trying to impress to avoid confrontation will not be around once you leave high school.

You will meet new people, better people who will help you grow into your own person, instead of what others may want you to be. Just remember to keep your head up and think, “future” instead of “right now,” and about how you would feel being in the other person’s shoes before you go ahead and judge them.


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