To Those Having Family Problems

LLP: Everyone has endured family problems at one point in their life to another. This reader shares their story on how they attempted to resolve this issue first-hand. 

Families sometimes fight, argue, and just simply won’t quit.

I know what it’s like when parents fight about everything. The sound of voices shouting makes me frustrated, worried, and upset. I would stay in my room every time they would fight, because it would hurt seeing my parents fight. It hurts having parents that fight all the time, because you can never spend time with both parents, and it’s hard to do work when all you hear is yelling.

The fighting at my house went on for three years until I decided to make a change. I decided to not just sit around anymore. It was time to take a stand and calm things down. I thought out what I was going to say to my parents. I asked them calmly if we could talk. I told them how I felt, and now my parents don’t fight as much, because I simply talked to them calmly about it. I’d let your parents know it’s getting out of control. Do your best and you can get through this.

All you need is to talk to your parents as calmly as you can and just explain how you feel and how this affects you. It’s better telling them how you feel about them fighting, instead of just sitting quietly and building up anger over them fighting. There is another way if talking doesn’t work. Tell your parents to see a therapist. They only want to help. But no matter what happens don’t give up.

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