A Letter to Abused Children

To Anyone Dealing With Abuse

LLP: The second letter for our #DearAnxiousYouth campaign touches upon the topic of abuse; read this young author’s story and tips for other abused children.

I’ve been there before. You might not know how to deal with it, but what I did was talk to another adult and ask for advice. Their advice helped me in so many ways, such as being able to talk to somebody else other than family if needed. Another way was me helping myself get out of the situation without getting abused more. Here are some tips on how you can get out of the situation…

  1. Talk to another adult as soon as possible.
  2. Stay as Calm as possible.
  3. Do not attempt self-harm.

If you follow these tips then it should be easier for you to overcome this situation. For a person like you to go through the same thing as me, that doesn’t surprise me; it just shows me that I’m not alone.

I can stand out to get pass my problems and accomplish my mission of getting out of abuse. It might be a long process of getting help but at least you talked to an adult who can help you. I know it’s been a bumpy road but you are heading towards the end now and hopefully there’s no going back.

I promise you that your life is about to change

-Someone who went through abuse and conquered it

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