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July 13 / Family

LLP: Everyone has endured family problems at one point in their life to another. This reader shares their story on how they attempted to resolve this issue first-hand. 

Families sometimes fight, argue, and just simply won’t quit.

I know what it’s like when parents fight about everything. The sound of voices shouting makes me frustrated, worried, and upset. I would stay in my room every time they would fight, because it would hurt seeing my parents fight. It hurts having parents that fight all the time, because you can never spend time with both parents, and it’s hard to do work when all you hear is yelling. Read the Post To Those Having Family Problems

October 21 / Family

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I know that right now your heart is breaking for your precious baby. You may have been completely blindsided or you may have known for some time that something was not right but your heart hurts just the same. This was not the future you had dreamed of, this was not even something you thought could be possible. And now that you know, life will never be the same.

My daughter was diagnosed with the rare disease cystinosis at just 15 months old. Suddenly we were thrust into a world of blood draws, doctors appointments and having to administer a lot of medication, even in the middle of the night. All while trying to come to terms with our feelings of heartbreak, uncertainty and injustice. In short we were devastated. We’d never heard of cystinosis before and were terrified for our daughter’s future. Why did our beautiful baby girl have this disease? How could we still give her the bright future she deserved? Read the Post Dear parents of a newly diagnosed child,

August 5 / Family

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I know having parents that are going through a divorce is really hard. When I was 11 years old, my parents got a divorce. I felt like everything was getting messed up and ruined, but I got through it and so can you.

First of all, if you really care about both parents, don’t pick sides. Read the Post To a Child Going through Divorce,

June 21 / Family

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We haven’t always gotten along. When I was younger your vision for me seemed out of sync with my vision for my life. We fought. I cried. I hated you for a few years but I’ve learned some things since then. I thought I should share them with you.

Part of me growing up was separating from you, proving my independence and even though I rolled my eyes and sneered, I cared about what you thought of me. I couldn’t tell you then. It would have made me feel weak and vulnerable. You didn’t always know how to react to that and for a while, it seemed like everything you did was wrong. But you know what? You never left me. You never quit trying. You were always there. I didn’t know how important that was to me at the time. Read the Post Dear Dad

June 9 / Family

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To the Dads in our life,

Sorry that you do not get the credit you deserve these days. I don’t know how somewhere along the way we’ve lost sight of the significant and unique role you play in our children’s lives. I’m sorry that so often your role is nothing more than the punch line of a joke, diminishing all that you really do for us and our families.

It’s been a slippery slope for us moms. I think somehow in the quest to build ourselves up we have in many ways pushed you down. It’s now okay to openly mock you in our social circles about your lack of help or total oblivion over basic baby care that we haven’t fully involved you in in the first place. We have sacrificed your confidence for our own self-esteem. Read the Post A Letter to the Dads