To Those Who Feel Alone

Four Walls

LLP: Do you feel trapped within your own room, alone with your feelings? This young author shares their story of feeling alone and how they overcame their depressive state. 

Same house, same four walls that I see on the week and weekend days. This is my seventh grade year.

Three years ago, my emotions started to change. I started to feel ways I have never felt before; sometimes as I was looking at my four walls, I would think a lot. I had thoughts that grew more and more, but I didn’t talk to anyone about it.

I felt like nobody cared about me and no one cared if I was alive or not. There were times where I cried myself to sleep, or I would just sit in my room looking at the same four walls in the dark. From time to time, someone might check on me and ask, “Why are you sitting in the dark?” but I would say, “No reason.”

I would say no reason because I felt embarrassed to tell someone I felt uncared for. Some people would do it for attention but I really felt like I had no reason to live. I don’t talk to anyone about my problems because I feel like it would make me look weak.

In actuality, expressing yourself doesn’t make you look weak. It relieves you. Sometimes you just need someone to sit you down and talk you through your problems.

A lot of times, people can make you feel like you don’t belong. I have learned that you need to learn to be your own person, and that others should not concern you or your lifestyle.


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