The Love Letter Project

I’m asking you to write a love letter.

Consider the greatest challenge you’ve overcome in life and write a love letter to help a perfect stranger overcome that same challenge. I’m asking you to write a love letter because your personal story will make a powerful difference in the lives of others. You could write a love letter to anyone: an entrepreneur who is struggling with her first business, a man who has lost his job, or a child who is being bullied at school. Write a love letter about a challenge you faced, and you will touch hearts, lift spirits, and show the world that no one is alone.

Please support us by hosting a letter writing party, writing a letter yourself, and sharing this project in your communities and on social media.

About us

The Love Letter Project is publishing a collection of love letters that are written to help others overcome life’s greatest challenges. You can write anonymously or under your own name. We’ll publish your love letter on our site, and possibly in a book.

The Love Letter Project was created in 2013, when the founder, Fiona McGlynn, received a gem of advice: “If you want to be passionate in life, consider the greatest challenge you’ve faced, and help the next person to overcome it.” Fiona decided to draw on her experience with her parent’s divorce and write a children’s book (“i and the Great Divide”) designed to help kids in divorce feel loved and self-expressed. She was so inspired and moved by the experience of connecting with families in divorce that she decided to encourage other people to follow the same piece of advice.