July 13 / Family

LLP: Everyone has endured family problems at one point in their life to another. This reader shares their story on how they attempted to resolve this issue first-hand. 

Families sometimes fight, argue, and just simply won’t quit.

I know what it’s like when parents fight about everything. The sound of voices shouting makes me frustrated, worried, and upset. I would stay in my room every time they would fight, because it would hurt seeing my parents fight. It hurts having parents that fight all the time, because you can never spend time with both parents, and it’s hard to do work when all you hear is yelling. Read the Post To Those Having Family Problems

May 18 / Growing Up

LLP: Living up to the expectations of others can take a toll on one’s own personal happiness. Read this author’s story on escaping their obstacle of caring too much. 

When I was just 15, I got my first job at a well known fast food restaurant. From the beginning, I loved it. I met some awesome new people and making money was FUN! Generally, I’m a hard worker. So everyday when I went in, I took care of everything I knew needed to be done. I did that for about eight months.

In December, when I turned 16, I was finally trained to learn how to do the more, “grown-up” stuff there. It went great, I loved my job even more. Also at this point, I was already close with everyone there Read the Post To the person who cares too much

LLP: Growing up with strict parents may leave you feeling trapped, but this author lends some words of advice on what he’s come to realize and appreciate of his parents’ tough love.

Alright, so one of the biggest challenges I have had in my life, and still struggle with sometimes, is having parents that are way too strict on me. My mom is a teacher and my dad didn’t really have a father figure when he grew up so he doesn’t have much to look up to. Dad does his best and I know my mom loves me very much, but all the time it is like they won’t let me do near as much as I should be able to do. Read the Post Growing Up

Four Walls

LLP: Do you feel trapped within your own room, alone with your feelings? This young author shares their story of feeling alone and how they overcame their depressive state. 

Same house, same four walls that I see on the week and weekend days. This is my seventh grade year.

Three years ago, my emotions started to change. I started to feel ways I have never felt before; sometimes as I was looking at my four walls, I would think a lot. I had thoughts that grew more and more, but I didn’t talk to anyone about it. Read the Post To Those Who Feel Alone

Every “I Love You” Isn’t Real

LLP: This young author shares her story on dealing with an unhealthy relationship that led to anxiety attacks and depression. As her letter shows, you too can get out. 


Most people think that it is easy to just jump into a relationship. No, not at all. It isn’t easy. Trust me, I know. You have to be friends before anything. I see a majority of people now today just switching boyfriends more than they change their clothes.  Read the Post Story on Unhealthy Relationships